Coaching PowerPoint Presentation Template

Coaching is a thought-provoking process between a coach and a client or coachee. The objective of personal and business coaches is helping their clients maximize their potential and achieve their goals. If you want to offer your professional coaching services, this template is ideal to present the benefits of coaching, the coaching process, a coach profile, and more.

Free Coaching PowerPoint Template

Benefits of Coaching Slide

From building personal awareness to improving specific skills, coaching has a lot of benefits for professionals. And with this slide, you’ll be able to talk about the six most relevant benefits of coaching with potential clients.

Coaching Process Slide

Go one step further and show how your coaching services work. The coaching process slide features a 7-step timeline to present the executive coaching model you follow when working with each one of your clients.

Meet the Coaches Slide

Coaching sessions should be conducted by certified professionals, that’s why this template includes a section to present your team of coaches. Insert a picture and a brief description of their experience in the field.

Business coaching icons

The Coaching PowerPoint template comes with business and training icons to use as visual aids. You’ll find them already placed in the slides, but you can move them however you want.

What’s the purpose of coaching?

The main purpose of coaching is to unlock people’s potential in order to maximize their performance in specific areas of their lives.

Coaching for organizations

Most companies hire a professional coach to train employees for leadership positions. However, coaching works for developing all kinds of skills and helping your team reach their full potential.