Pride & Love PowerPoint Templates

Download for FREE Pride & love powerpoint templates for create the pride month presentation with creative slides with this topic.

Pride & love it’s today powerpoint templates because june is the pride month, and I decided to create creative slides with this topic. Which also have some PowerPoint Infographics, I’m one of the persons who thinks that infographics are always necesary in a presentation, it helps to explain and be understandable easier.

Talking about the pride month, Have you look for this phrase at google? Put «Pride Month» and see what it happens. Facebook and instagram also join to this celebration and added some stickers and new hashtag, you can use them if you want hehe.

In this template you will find the following slides:

  • Timeline slide
  • Slide to write a description
  • Product roadmap slide
  • Process Slide
  • Mindmap Diagram
  • Smart Goals slide
  • Two option comparison

This ‘Pride & Love PowerPoint Templates’ Features:

  • Download Angelic Child and Lato Family Font install and before editing this template, in order to see it as you find it here. Otherwise the font will change and your template would look different. 
  • Download four free 12 slides
  • Edit this PowerPoint Template as you want, select and change colors, image, size and text.
  • The preview images were download form Pixabay and Pexels in this time we have no include the pics but you can download it from the page I mentioned.

Fonts Used:

Angelic Child
Lato Family Font

Slides Screenshots

pride and love powerpoint templates
Preview Slides pride and love powerpoint templates

Hope I’ve helped you saving time in design your PowerPoint Presentation.

You will grab your auddience attention with these creative PowerPoint Templates.

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