Company Events Calendar PowerPoint Template

From business related events such as monthly marketing meetings to social activities like the annual Christmas Party, there is always something going on at the office! And calendars are essential planning tools to manage your work schedule so you can deliver great results on time.

But how do you use a calendar in a presentation? The Company Events Calendar PowerPoint Template is perfect to communicate your next meeting dates, to highlight project deadlines, and overall keep everyone informed of the company events.

Free Company Events Calendar Template

Quarterly Calendar for Meetings

Business meetings are essential to make the company move forward. These gatherings are ideal to solve problems and share ideas. There are different types of meetings depending on the objective. For example: status update meetings, decision-making meetings, team-building meetings, and others. Plan ahead your team meetings with the Quarterly Calendar for Meetings Slide.

Monthly Events Calendar Slide

You will also find some slides especially designed to showcase important events of the month. There is a slide where you can highlight four dates and add a short description to inform what the event is about. As a second option, you will see a circular diagram where you can insert monthly events. For example: the monthly performance review.

Yearly Calendar of Company Events 

The Company Events Calendar offers an awesome slide with twelve boxes. One for each month of the year. Here you will be able to list the most important company events of the entire year! Don’t forget to share it with everyone in the organization so they won’t miss out on these events.

Keep the calendar up to date

The Company Event Calendar is an important communication tool for everyone in the organization. People turn to the calendar to know what is going on in the company. Keep it up to date!

Company Events Calendar Presentation

The best time to share the Company Events Calendar is at the first meeting of the year. You can also insert the calendar slides at the end of your weekly or monthly status report presentations.

Employee birthday calendar

Another good way to use the Company Event Calendar is to share the birthdays of your employees. These are special dates to celebrate in the office.