Venn Diagram Presentation Template

The Venn diagram uses several overlapping circles or other shapes in order to illustrate a logical relationship between those sets of data. Apart from being widely used in mathematics, statistics and computer sciences, they are also widely used in business presentations.

Their purpose is to give to the audience a clear understanding of the relationship between different groups of items. By using this Venn diagram template, you won’t fail to impress the shareholders and the managers.

Presentation Template with Venn Diagrams

Three-Set Venn Diagram Slide

The Venn diagram can act as a chameleon and can adapt to different departments of your company. For example, you can use it to express customer satisfaction. You can do so by incorporating data on customer requirements, product quality, and product price. These three sets will be represented by three circles and consequently, the point where they intersect will show the customer satisfaction.

Creative Three-Set Venn Diagram Slide

The Venn diagram can be used for internal purposes of the company as well. For example, let’s say you want to hire a new employee. The right candidate, or the intersection point, will depend on three datasets: professional skills, experience, and leadership qualities. If the right candidate has all of these characteristics, then he/she is the best match for your company.

Two-Set Venn Diagram Slide

Sometimes when using a Venn diagram, three datasets can be too much. In such situations, just two datasets will work fine and a great example for that is the Market Analysis. The market analysis is a core part of your business. You need to decide who your customer is and see how you will attract them through advertising and promotions. For example, if your business sells cookies and similar sweets, you know that your customers are those who like eating them, but don’t want to gain weight. The intersection of those two categories is your target customer.

Venn diagrams give a clear understanding of the logical relationships among multiple categories

By using overlapping circles or other shapes, you can present a big amount of data in a smooth way.

Highly visual diagrams that are suitable for shareholders, managers and clients

The diagrams are widely used for internal and external purposes.

Can be used throughout different departments, such as marketing, HR, etc.

Such diagrams can adapt to different departments because can be used for different decision- making processes.