Beauty and Fashion Social Media Post PowerPoint Template

Did you know that you can use PowerPoint for design your entrepreneurship social media post? You don’t have the needed of using an professional software for design. In this ocation I’m sharing one template about Beauty and Fashion.

I want to show that you can not only make presentations in PowerPoint, you can also design post, brochure, Curriculums and almost wherever digital piece that you want.

It it’s an amazing software, because you don’t need to be a Graphic designer to use this program. Actually, you dontneed to be a graphic designer to use any program, but I hope you’re understanding me.

The only thing you need its to change the size template and you will be able to design your post according to the formats that social media suggest for.

This ‘Beauty and Fashion Social Media Post PowerPoint Template’ Features:

  • Download  Monserrat Font before editing this template, in order to see it as you find it here. Otherwise the font will change and your template would look different. 
  • Download four free 5 slides Post
  • Edit this PowerPoint Template as you want, select and change colors, image, size and text.
  • The preview images were download form Pixabay.

Fonts Used:

  • Monserrat Font
  • Calibri (System Font)