Modern & Simple Photography PowerPoint Templates

As I already said in this page, simplivity it’s the key of success, and Don’t get me wrong, when I say simple, I talking about the slides and not the photography. Because these pics are amazing!

So, taking into account the previous paragraph, these slides are about Photography and they has a modern and simple design, you can use them for any topic. It is multipurpose PowerPoint Templates.

In this template we use some animals (birds, lions, rabbit, etc.) and fashion pics, you could changed them for the ones you prefer.

To change the topic, you will only have to select the pic and changed it for the one you want to talk about.

This ‘Modern & Simple Photography PowerPoint Templates’ Features:

  • Download 12 free slides with a simple but a modern desing.
  • For the first Title Slide, download Albondigas font before editing this creative PPT.
  • Edit “Photography PowerPoint Templates” as you want, select and change colors, image, size and text.
  • The images used  for these templates were found on there you can find another ones if you want. And of course, you can changed it for yours.
  • Thanks to pics authors: Mwabonje –  Matheus Bertelli – Luriko Yamaguchi – Bruno Thethe –  Edson Assis – Lhairton Kelvin Costa – Juanjo Menta – Jorge Fakhouri Filho – Carlo Martin Alcordo –  Anna Shvets en Pexels – Nick Bondarev

Fonts Used:

  • Arial Family (System Font)


Screenshot Modern and simple Photography PowerPoint Template
Preview Modern and simple PowerPoint Template About Photography