Call To Action Slides in PowerPoint

A call to action (CTA) is a prompt that encourages your user or client to perform a specific action to advance in the sales process. Now, you can employ CTAs in your presentations with these call-to-action slides and have more options to generate leads. You’ll find CTA presentation examples and creative designs for every occasion. Up your webinar and product presentations with these Call To Action Slides.

Creative Call To Action Slides in PowerPoint

Call to Action Slide for Sales Promotions

One of the most common ways to attract potential buyers is by offering coupons and discounts for a first-time order or purchase. This PowerPoint template comes with different call-to-action slides for you to display promo codes that encourage your audience to take the next step.

Call to Action Slide for Sign Ups

You can also ask for sign-ups to an online event or an app that helps customers become familiar with what your brand offers. Here you’ll find creative designs that invite your audience to register or book a meeting with you to keep building a strong relationship with potential customers.

Clickable Call To Action Slide

The great thing about PowerPoint presentations is that you can easily share them with other people. A clever way to use this in your favor is by making your call to action slides clickable. You just need to link the CTA buttons to your website or landing page and anyone who receives your ppt file will be able to perform your desired action.

How to use call-to-action slides in webinars?

We recommend you place your call to action slide at the end of your webinar presentation. This way your audience can take instant action after learning what your product or service is about.

Call to action slides for B2B and B2C models

All types of businesses can benefit from using call to actions slides in their presentations. And this PowerPoint template has designs for a variety of industries. Check them out!

Ready-to-use PowerPoint slides

Forget about designing your PowerPoints from scratch, these call-to-actions slides have all the right visuals to fit in your business presentation. You only need to add your information and voilá!