Clinical Case Study Presentation Template

A clinical case study is a report where medical practitioners share a patient’s case. Generally, clinical case studies are valuable tools for medical research as they provide detailed information on the development of a disease or illness in particular individuals. Use this PowerPoint template to document extraordinary patient cases and share your findings with the healthcare community. You can also use these slides to report the progress of your patient’s disease and work on the proper treatment alongside your team.

Free Template for presenting a Clinical Case Study in PowerPoint

Patient’s Clinical Profile

Before starting, share the patient’s clinical profile. This slide is great to describe your patient’s clinical history, underlying conditions, and other relevant health information. You can include demographic data and specific facts related to your patient but remember to keep their anonymity.

Clinical Treatment Slide

This is one of the most important sections of your patient’s case study. You’ll find a creative slide to explain the medical treatment stage by stage. You can go deep into the medicines or drugs the patient used and their reaction in different stages of the treatment. This means you’ll be able to cover the evolution of your patient from the beginning and provide detailed insights. 

Medical Team Slide

As in any research, you should acknowledge the professionals that worked with you. So, here’s a slide to showcase the whole medical team involved in the case study. You can add photos and short descriptions of each team member. Make sure to ask for professional images and double-check the spelling of role titles and names.