Marketing Data PowerPoint Presentation

Marketing reports are great for displaying relevant data from your marketing actions. Thanks to marketing data, you can analyze your customers’ behavior, identify business trends, and make more informed marketing decisions. If you need to create a marketing report, these PowerPoint slides come with incredible charts and graphs to display your numbers in the best way possible. You’ll find slides for your marketing objectives, marketing KPIs, data-based conclusions, and more.

  • Marketing Data PowerPoint Template for Analysts

Marketing Data Objectives Slide

What are you looking for? This should be the opening question of your marketing report. In other words, what are you trying to find out in your data? Maybe you want to know how attractive your new website is for potential clients. Or you’d like to see the performance of your latest advertising campaign. Whatever the reason is, you need to state clearly the purpose of your marketing report.

Marketing Analytics in PowerPoint

Once you got the objectives of your marketing data report, go to your KPIs. These are your key performance indicators and should be connected to what you want to measure. In this slide, you’ll be able to explain the KPIs featured in your report and provide a quick overview of your general numbers. In the following sections, you’ll have creative charts, and analysis slides to disaggregate your marketing data.

Marketing Data Conclusions Slide

Many people don’t include a conclusion slide in their report presentation, but this only shows a lack of analytical skills or that you’re not keen to provide solutions. So don’t forget to add this slide to your marketing report and showcase data-driven conclusions next to your creative ideas.

Marketing charts

The marketing data PowerPoint template is full of data-driven charts. You can use them to create a marketing dashboard or to insert key data when needed in your next presentation.

The importance of data in marketing

One of the main benefits of using data is that you get to identify what’s working and what’s not. So, you can put your resources into the marketing activities that provide more value to the company.

Marketing decisions

Sometimes the approval for your marketing projects depends on giving the right facts and numbers to decision-makers. Use these marketing data slides to support your ideas and get them implemented.