Multiple Project Timeline Template in PowerPoint

Project timelines are essential tools for project managers and anyone who’s leading a project in the company. They help you organize and keep track of your project’s tasks, deadlines, and team priorities.

If you need to deliver an excellent project soon, check out this set of multiple project timelines in PowerPoint. You’ll find incredible options, from a simple project timeline to complex project timelines. All of them in creative slides you can easily insert into your project report presentations.

Multiple Project Timelines in PowerPoint for Team Management

Annual Multiple Project Timeline

For long-term projects, you’ve got amazing annual project timelines. These are project roadmaps where you can plan and schedule monthly activities for everyone on your team. There’s a yearly timeline in particular that covers five years in one view. Use it to lead your company’s efforts towards your biggest goals.

Multiple Project Gantt Chart

This one is probably the best project timeline template you’ll find online. Gantt charts help you showcase all your activities in an easy-to-read format. You need to mark the intersection between tasks and deadlines to create a powerful team planning tool.

Simple Project Timeline Slide

Besides monthly and annual project timelines, there are simple timelines for short-term projects as well. These are horizontal timelines divided into sections so you can showcase your project’s phases clearly and easily.

Free Multiple Project Timeline Templates in PowerPoint

Creating project timelines in PowerPoint is easier when you don’t build them from scratch. Save time and effort with these multiple project timeline templates.

Timeline Templates for Project Leaders

Multi-stage timelines are great for aligning different teams and keeping track of joint activities. They are a must-have for any project manager who values organization and productivity.

Project Update Presentations

All these project timelines are designed in a creative style that elevates your presentations’ look and feel. Use them to communicate the status of your projects in update meetings.