Management Teamwork PowerPoint Template

The Management Teamwork template is great for redistributing tasks among employees. It will enable you to create an organized representation of which task belongs to whom.

With the use of pie charts and circle diagrams, you will show a comprehensible workflow. Also, each of the employees will understand more clearly what their key responsibilities are and how to act upon them.

A Collection of Management Teamwork Slides

Doughnut Pie Chart Slide

The doughnut pie chart will show the relationship between the separate parts and the whole. It can contain more than one data series. The data is of circular nature and it is not easy to read it, but with the use of this template, everything will make much more sense. For example, the chart can show what is their role regarding certain tasks. They can be an executor, a thinker, a planner, or an innovator.

Key Teamwork Skills Slide

On this slide, you have plenty of space to describe the key teamwork skills. You can show which of the skills are the most applicable to the task. Also, you use it in order to praise the employees on the skills that they possess. By doing that they will be motivated enough to contribute even more to the organization. Don’t forget to mention skills like managerial skills, interpersonal skills, self/project management skills, etc.

Teamwork Flow Slide

This is the part where you integrate the tasks and the employees into a certain flow chart. You can describe each of the steps of the flow, such as the planning stage, the overall management of the task, the whole process and the policy of the task. The chart is really straightforward and suitable for any audience.

The Management Teamwork template is a great way to assign tasks to employees.

It will enable you to present an organized flow of tasks and how they connect with employees.

Comprehensible Doughnut chart for showing the relationships within the organization

The template will enable an easier interpretation of the data series with the usage of the doughnut chart.

Plenty of space for description of the key teamwork skills

It is great for representing which skills are required and desirable for accomplishing of the task.