E-learning with infographics for powerpoint templates

The digital transformation has come, and the e-learning it’s something that we are living right now, so, we have design these powerpoint templates with infographics for you to prepare your class.

You will find eleven (11) infographics where you will be able to explain important concepts and data in a graphic way to be easily understood for your students or public.

You can use all infographics for the presentation or change some slides and combine with some pics of the topic you are talking about

This ‘E-learning with infographics for powerpoint templates’ Features:

  • Download 11 free slides with infographics to explain in an easy way concepts and data.
  • Edit this PowerPoint Template as you want, select and change colors, image, size and text.
  • The images used  for the cover were found on Freepik.es there you can find another ones if you want. And of course, you can changed it for yours.

Fonts Used:


preview e learning with infographics for powerpoint templates