Generic Text Slides Templates

Numbers and graphs are a great way for making memorable presentations and that’s why investors and managers love them. However, there are times when you have to create presentations consisted of a lot of text.

Because the text can be an inevitable part, this template is designed to make the presentation more engaging and creative. The design is really professional and will allow you to deliver an interactive presentation that your audience will remember it.

Presentation Template focusing on Text

Generic Text Yearly Events Slide

When you have a lot of information to share and when the bulk of it is plain text, then categorizing the data can be very useful. You can use this slide to outline important events that happened during the last couple of years to create a nice timeline. It is also useful for showing the company’s performance during the past years.

Generic Text Team Members Slide

Not a single company is successful without the right people in the organization. You can represent your successful teams and praise them for their achievements. You can separately introduce the leader and the team members to the audience. Also, there is enough space to provide important information about their tasks and even include a short bio.

Generic Text Area Chart Slide

You can also try to convert any data you may have into an area chart. This chart is useful for comparing the performance of different segments and how they add up to the whole. This slide is one of the most visual ones in the template and you will be able to leave a great impression upon the audience.

Create memorable text presentations with this creatively designed template

Even though there is going to be a lot of text included in the presentation, the final result will be quite engaging and creative.

Presenting information by categorizing it according to the time of occurrence

You can outline important events that happened during the last couple of years.

The template will enable you to present the company’s employees and to praise them for their achievements

There is plenty of space to provide important information about their responsibilities and their contributions to the organization.