Webinar Icons in PowerPoint

Adding icons to your presentation is a quick way to enhance your slides. And for webinars, these little visual aids can make a big difference. Webinar icons help you attract your audience’s attention, convey concepts visually, and make your slides look cleaner. If you’re looking for the best webinar icons, this template has professional icons you won’t find anywhere else. You can manage and edit all of these webinar icons in PowerPoint.

Free Webinar Icons for PowerPoint

Communication Icons for Webinar Presentations

Does your webinar cover topics on mass media or communication? This PowerPoint template has icons to visualize concepts like TV ads, social media, promotion, internet. There are also little icons of smartphones, a laptop, a keyboard, and other communication devices. 

Business Icons for Webinar Slide Deck

If your webinar is oriented to a corporate audience, these business icons will upgrade your slides. You’ll find customer support icons, planning icons, and even visual aids for finance topics like funding, the balance of payment, invoices, etc. 

Shopping PowerPoint Icons

Shopping icons are ideal for promotional presentations or webinars where you announce the release of a product or service. The shopping PowerPoint icons in this template include a gift card icon, the popular shopping cart icon, discount icon, among others.

Creative icons

All these webinar icons are very detailed and in full color. They can look like illustrations in PowerPoint and are a perfect fit for any creative webinar presentation.

Multiple options for your webinar presentation

On top of the webinar icons mentioned above, this template comes with an hourglass icon, a checklist icon, an email icon, a wireframe icon, a printer icon, and more.

Icons categories

Each set of webinar icons in this template belong to a topic category. These can be business, office, company, finance, shopping, design, communication, electronics, devices