50 Pharmaceutical and Medical Icons for PowerPoint

The most complete pharmacy icon pack to level up your PowerPoint presentations. This set of 50 pharmaceutical and medical icons will help you style your slides in a fast and easy way. You’ll get medical powerpoint icons, pharmaceutical industry icons and other pharmacy related icons to add the final touches to your PowerPoint presentation and convey your messages effectively.

Download 50 Pharmaceutical and Medical icons for Free

Medical PowerPoint Icons

As a medical or healthcare professional, you’ll find a great variety of icons to support your ideas visually. For instance, this PowerPoint template comes with medical emergency icons as well as little icons of hospital objects like a gurney, stethoscope and other medical equipment.

Pharmaceutical Industry Icons

If you need to talk about a complex topic in pharmacy, use icons as visual aids to deliver your messages clearly. Pharmacists will find every icon they need to create an engaging presentation. There are icons such as capsules, tablets, medical syrup, pharma lab objects and many more.

More Pharmacy Related icons

Other modern icons you’ll find in this PowerPoint template are those related to the pandemic. For example, face mask icons, vaccination icons, or virology icons. Use them to present the latest medical research or new medical discoveries in conferences or symposiums.

Health Communication

Use the 50 medical and pharmacy icon pack to enhance the visual aspect of your health communications. They also come in handy to make your medical case presentations more appealing.

Linear Pharmaceutical icons

You’ll get pharmacy related icons with a linear style which makes them great elements for corporate and elegant presentations.

Customizable medical icons for PowerPoint

The 50 medical and pharmacy icon set is 100% customizable. You can change colors, sizes and even alter some lines to make every icon match to your original presentation design.