Lego Blocks PowerPoint Template

Lego bricks are one of the most popular toys, and now you can use them to build a fun slide deck. This template blends Lego blocks and a modern design in diagrams, backgrounds and icons for a unique presentation. You can use these slides to cover from simple to complex topics in a memorable way.

Free Lego PowerPoint Template

Lego Team Slide

The Lego Team slide gives a creative twist to your usual team introduction slides. For starters, it comes with little Lego figures you can assign to each member. This gives you a certain freedom to highlight the most funny and human side of your team. You’ll also find a box where you can outline their roles and contributions to the project.

Lego Diagram Slide

This creative PowerPoint template includes a 5-level diagram built with Lego bricks. Use it to showcase a five-step process or to draw the attention of your audience to five key concepts. This slide allows you to insert a title for each level and add a description.

Lego Pieces Slide

The Lego Pieces slide is perfect to show parts of a whole. This three-column slide helps you highlight or go deep into three elements of your chosen topic. For example, three concepts, three steps, three recommendations or conclusions.

Teamwork presentation

When you play Lego, you should join bricks together to create something bigger and awesome. And this same idea can be applied to teams. Use this template to make a great presentation on teamwork.

Fun PowerPoint Slides

These PowerPoint slides are designed in a playful style that matches the colorful Lego blocks. Use them to add some fun to any flat and monotonous slide deck.

Lego icons

Icons make your presentations look cleaner and put together. That’s why the Lego Blocks PowerPoint template comes with vibrant Lego icons and playful project icons.