PowerPoint Multiple Choice Quiz Template

Multiple choice questions are one of the most popular types of questions for student assessment. Multiple choice questions provide a main problem or question and a set of alternatives that contains a key with the correct answer. Use the PowerPoint Multiple Choice Quiz template to assess your audience and engage with them in a fun way. All the PowerPoint Multiple choice slides come with different question formats for you to choose from.

Multiple Choice Quiz PPT Template

Multiple Choice Question Slide with Image

Create engaging multiple-choice question slides for your next presentation. You can include images in your PowerPoint quiz and base your questions on visual cues. These slides allow you to add one image per multiple-choice question and a set of possible answers. 

Interactive Multiple Choice Question Slides

The PowerPoint Multiple Choice Quiz template is ideal for interactive sessions. You can use these slides to evaluate or assess how well your audience understands the new information. They also work to keep people engaged in key sections of your presentation and spark conversations. The multiple-choice questions slides can go anywhere in your deck: At the beginning of every section, in between your most complex topics, or at the end of the presentation.

Playful Multiple Choice Quiz Slides

The PowerPoint multiple choice quiz template has a playful style that fits various subjects. These slides come with designs and sample questions about food, video games, sports, transportation, astronomy, tourism, science, pop culture, and more.